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Heart Health Pack combines the most beneficial and powerful supplements to help you take care of your cardiovascular system.

Heart Health Pack from Golden Pride International

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Our Heart Health Pack is jam packed with nutrients for your heart.

According to the American Heart Association:

  • One in five Americans (and one in four adults) has high blood pressure.
  • Of those people with high blood pressure, one-third don't know they have it.
  • About one-sixth of all people killed by cardiovascular disease are under age 65.

According to the above, this makes cardiovascular disease the leading cause of death in this country!  Many young adults with no clinical evidence of cardiovascular disease have two or more risk factors that predispose them to heart attacks, strokes, and death over the course of several decades.  This must change, and prevention is the key!

The Heart Health Pack contains the nutrients needed for good cardiovascular health.  Taken on a daily basis these nutrients can help control the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.

Ed and I both take one Heart Health Pack a day with our lunch. Combined with the Gold Pack for breakfast.....we feel....sooo healthy. I have energy, stamina and I lost 3 pounds in a month. And those are so easy to use. Just put one in your pocket or purse and when you are out to lunch just break open the packet and take your heart vitamins. We are very happy with this product and the Gold Pack!!

The Heart Health Pack Keeps Me Alive! My family has a history of cardiovascular disease, and with my high cholesterol, Ive started taking the Heart Health Pack on a daily basis. This has helped keep me alive! Im also going through menopause, so with a combination of Rejuvenated for Women and Cal-Mag PlusCal-Mag, the hot flashes have become manageable along with the other changes going on due to this new phase in my life! I would be a mess without Golden Pride products! Mary S., MN EE 02/05

Weve Never Felt Better! My wife and I have been taking the Heart Health and Gold Pack since July and have never felt better! I also take the Thermo-Lift Millennium and have been able to maintain my weight and energy without having to drastically change my diet. We have both noticed a tremendous difference in our circulation ... we no longer have cold feet and hands! Thank you Golden Pride! Joe and Nancy S., WI EE 02/05

The color and taste of this product may vary due to its natural ingredients and/or seasonal changes. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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