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Oral Chelation

Chances are....your life will be affected by cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) claims the lives of more people in the United States then any other disease. According to the American Heart Association, over 60 million Americans have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease. One out of every 2.5 deaths is due to CVD. In the U.S., one person dies every 30 seconds from heart disease. That's over 2,600 people every single day!

No nutritional product or pharmaceutical drug guarantees total prevention of CVD. But one nutritonal supplement is making real progress a addressing the root cause of CVD. For 20 years, the Original Oral Chelation has helped thousands of people across the United States and Canada remove waste from their cardiovascular system.

While most nutritional products add nutrients to your system, the mission of The Original Oral Chelation is to remove toxins and waste from your system. We generally don't die because of a lack of nutrients - but because we are significantly occluded or blocked up. Do something about it: take a formula that chelates!

The formulator of The Original Oral Chelation, Harry W. Hersey answers many common questions regarding his formula and it benefits below.

Where did the term "oral chelation" come from?

" I created the first and only true Oral Chelation formula in 1983, so I basically invented the term and oral chelation concept. Others have attempted to copy what I started over 20 years ago, but we're still the only company with a true oral chelation formula."

Why did you create The Original Oral Chelation?

" After dealing with IV (intravenous) chelation doctors for a few years, it became apparent that I could achieve the same results using a simple health food formulation that doctors charge hundreds of dollars for. We could get our formulation to millions of people where doctors could only reach hundreds."

How does The Original Oral Chelation work?

"The Original Oral chelation works the same way as IV chelation but with out the need of a doctor. That's because we have a non-prescription formulation with no known side effects. Disodium EDTA chelates (attaches) to heavy metals, such as mercury and iron in the blood stream. These heavy metals can lead to the build up of plaque and narrowing of the arteries. Without the use of an oral chelating agent or IV chelation, people will ultimately need bypass sugery or can even die. My answer to living longer is to take The Original Oral Chelation every day."

What results have you seen with
the use of The Original Oral Chelation?

"Since 1983, we've seen hundreds of thousands of people change their health for the better. They are living longer, avoiding surgery and reversing the effects of diabetes. using The Original Oral Chelation, people are living healthier, more fulfilling lives."

How does The Original Oral Chelation
compare to IV chelation therapy?

Take a look at the comparison chart below
and you'll see the differences.

IV Chelation Therapy

The Original Oral Chelation
( OOC )

Doctors use a glucose
formula to carry EDTA.

OOC uses raw unpasturized honey
to carry and deliver EDTA.

Doctors use synthetic B Vitamins.

OOC uses the richest natural souce
of B vitamins from fresh Royal Jelly.

Needle stuck in your arm for several
hours to undergo treatment.

Take 1-2 tablespoons daily. Soft gels
are also effective and easy.

Must be supervised by M.D. with
vascular intrusion and risk of infection.

Done in the privacy of your home.
No needles - no M.D. charges.

30 to 40 recommended treatments
generally cost $3,000- $6,000.

OOC actually tastes great and costs
as little as $.50 to $1.00 per day.

Take it from these satisfied
Original Oral Chelation customers!

"In March 1998 I was diagnosed with Diabetes. My blood sugar was ... in the poor range. My nutitional program included The Original Oral Chelation ... and alternating every other day with the Heart Health Pack and Gold Pack. In January 1999 my blood sugar test was in excellent control and in September 2002, all tests came back into the normal range! My eye doctor questions me now as whether or not I even had Diabetes. I feel better now than I did 10 years ago!" Ron N., MN

. "I feel so much more energized since I started on my Oral Chelation program in September 2001. I usually get colds that last for five to seven days. Since taking The Original Oral Chelation along with Propolis Throat Spray, my most recent cold lasted only one day! It's very unusual for a cold to go away so quickly." Betty M,. WI.

"Over the past several years I injured my left shoulder many times. In the past year or so my left shoulder got to the point that I could not lift my arm above shoulder height without much pain. It became so intense that I thought I might need surgery. In August my doctor mentioned that he thought my problem was from calcification, so I decided to increase my Original Oral Chelation. I started taking about 3 teaspoons per day, instead of a maintenance amount. I am happy to say that my shoulder is now about 80% better." Tim F., OH.

"I began taking The Original Oral Chelation since Harry first introduced it in Canada. I suffered from arthritis in my fingers and also had lower back pain. I wasn't sure whether Ther Original Oral Chelation would help, but I couldn't believe the results! While bowling one night, I suddenly realized that my hands weren't painful or stiff. Also, my back wasn't aching every morning. When I saw my doctor, he was very pleased with improvement in my blood pressure. I showed him the Oral Chelation formula and he mentioned that royal jelly was one of the best things you could take, and advised me to continue using it. he also cut my prescription in half! I will continue to take The Original Oral Chelation for the rest of my life!" Pat G., Quebec

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