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NutriSonic Relief Gel 
For pain, Discomfort & More
Nutrisail Nutrisonic Relief Gel From Nutrisail
 1 oz. jar or 3.3 oz. pump

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Relief Gel From Nutrisail
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NutriSonic Relief Gel Reviews:

Patricia K. , FL
Their I was watching TV last night & I could
feel my legs twitching and tightening up
on me. I knew I would have problems in bed.
So I put the relief gel on my arches & balls of my
feet 45 mins. before bed & I had no leg problems.
The gel is now on my TV stand to put on
my feet every night. So glad to
have this product in our arsenal of
wonderful products. **

Patricia Koch, FL
Their was 2 bumps under my neck.
Something bit me!
Itched like nuts!
Put Benadryl on it. Still itched.
Put Rawleigh Antiseptic Cream on it.
But It still itched!
Then I rubbed NutriSonic Relief Gel on my bites.
INSTANTLY it stopped itching!
OMG it worked so great !!!! **

Here is a list of what clients are using
this wonderful NutriSonic Gel for:

  • sinus relief
  • work out pain relief
  • mosquito bite relief
  • leg issues at night
  • tooth ache
  • hip pain
  • back pain
  • pain in your feet
  • head ache
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • painful stiff joints
  • bug bites
NutriSonic Relief Gel is classified as conductive gel.
Vibration - Infused  Technology

  • Bio - Conductive Gel
  • Aloe Vera
  • 100%  USP Kaolin Clay
Gently apply a small amount to any area
of the body for relief from minor discomfort.

For external use only

NutriSonic Relief Gel

60 Day Money
Back Guarantee
Free Shipping On

Orders Over $99.00




1 ounce jar



3.3 ounce pump



NutriSonic Relief Gel From Nutrisail

Patricia Koch
Independent Associate For Nutrisail

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Call or text me at 352-697-3015

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