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Bee Secret Ointment for bug bites, itchy skin, headaches, stuffy nose, minor aches and arthritic pain.

Rawleigh Bee Secret Ointment Stick and 1 oz. Tin
bee secret ointment from golden pride international and w t rawleighRawleigh Bee Secret One Ounce

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Bee Secret Ointment keep one in your purse and one in the house. Never leave home with out your Bee Secret!

Highly recommeded for treating mosquito, bee and ant bites. Soothes swollen red and itchy skin, The healing ingredient Bee Proplis, known as the natural antibiotic, has strong antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties. Besides treating bug bites. Bee Secret Ointment's porprietary blend of herbs and oils may be applied to the skin to alleviate headaches, stuffy nasal passages, minor aches and more. This sooting ointment, containing Bee Pollen provides a wide range of uses including relief from allergies and respiratory problems.

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I've used the Rawleigh Bee Secret Ointment as a mosquito repellent, on bee stings, scratches, sores under my false teeth, headaches, aches and pains and under the nose to clear the sinuses. No matter where I go, I always take a supply with me. My sister-in-law suffers from terrible migraine headaches.....a little Bee Secret on her temples, under her nose and on her neck....and within 10 minutes her migraine headache was gone. No matter what hurts, it works! Dorothy L., CO EE 7/04

I had a boil or a large pimple coming up on my back. When Trish saw it, she immediately put Bee Secret Ointment on it. She did this three times a day for three days. The pimple or boil was gone by the fourth day!
Ed Koch, Fl.

I was working in the yard, clearing some dead leaves from a Contie plant. I got into something that caused welts on my wrists and they itched like mad. I went in the house and put the Bee Secret Ointment on it and it stopped the itch immediately. Everytime it started itching.....about every 4 or 5 hours....I would put some more on it. After 2 was gone! Trish Koch, Fl.

     Detailed Ingredients List Below

Bee Secret Ointment

Essential Oils,
Bee Pollen,
Bee Propolis,
Herbal Extracts



.15 ounce STICK

3 or


1 ounce container

3 or


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We were camping and it was raining allot due to recent hurricanes and the ground was soaked! Ed and I both stepped in ant piles and they bit our ankles up really bad. Luckly we never leave home without my Bee Secret Ointment. We both rubbed it on our ankles and it took the sting and itch right out. Ed and TrishKoch

I am a Dental Hygienist and have been promoting the Bee Secret for all kinds of ailments. I have successfully treated cases of root abcesses which require root canal (very expensive) with those that can not afford an $800.00 bill. My husband had a bad toothache which was due to a dying tooth that had abcessed and he needed a root canal. His pain was sooooo bad the could not touch his tongue to the tooth or breath in air. I took a glob of Bee Secret Oinment and put it on his tooth for 30 minutes. It stopped the pain......totally!! That was 2 years ago and he has never had pain in it since. I have used Bee Secret on Pizza burns, ulcers, tooth extraction sites, sore gums from braces, dry sockets and even teething babies. Bee Secret Ointment is a wonderful product! Sue B

Our son and two college buddies came to visit. While out fishing, they immediately became acquainted with out state bird - the mosquito - and got plenty of bites - but not from the fish! I introduced them to Bee Secret and from then on I had to leave it on the kitchen counter for easy access. They applied the much - appreciated Bee Secret Ointment often...and were able to enjoy the bites they were getting - from the fish! Virginia E.,MN EE 07/05

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